Ownership & Operation

In 1955, the pastors of the York County Evangelistic Association recognized the need for a Christian school in York County and began the organizational process, which led to the formation of the Christian School Association of York.

The school is owned and controlled by the Christian School Association of York. The Association is comprised of school parents and its faculty and staff who are in harmony with the Basis of Faith of the school. It is a non-profit organization operated by a non-denominational Board of Trustees elected by the Association.


The purpose of the Association is to continue to present a quality private school that gives instruction in all subjects normally taught in public and private schools, the scholastic standards of which are above and beyond those of the public schools. Such instruction shall continue to be in agreement with the Basis of Faith in order that the students may be better equipped to lead Christ-centered lives.

Diversity of Doctrines

Christian School of York recognizes the wide diversity of beliefs among its Association members, an Association committed to our mission of banding together for the purpose of raising our children to love and serve the Lord. Christian church distinctives and individual convictions represented among the membership that go beyond the Basis of Faith must be given all due respect.

These distinctives, however, must not be practiced or promoted in any way that would undermine the essential unity of the Association and its purpose. Therefore, distinctive doctrines and practices related to baptism, the Lord’s Supper, the Holy Spirit, or any other doctrine that might undercut the Association’s spirit of unity, should not be openly or privately advocated or practiced by adults or students in any classes, meetings, or other gatherings of this Association, formal or informal, for whatever purpose.