• 907 Greenbriar Road
    York, PA 17404
  • Phone: 717.767.6842
    Fax: 717.767.4904

Our Staff

Mrs. Loni Smith
Interim Head of School

Mrs. Kathleen Donovan-Snavely
Elementary Principal

Kristy Windle
EEC Lead Teacher

Dr. Sheri Baker
International Student Program Coordinator

Mrs. Debra Redding
Business Manager

Mr. Andrew Fried
Athletic Director

Mrs. Anna Bender
Office Manager and Administrative Assistant to Head of School

Mrs. Dee D’Agostino
Admissions Coordinator / Advancement Assistant

Mrs. Vicki Spangler
Extended Care Director

Miss Kristy Windle

Miss Sarah Fuhrman

Miss Hannah Hardy

Mrs. Erica Jans

Mrs. Jen Vo
PK2 Aide

Mrs. Ruth Galinato
PK3 Aide

Mrs. Sharon Faust
PK4 Aide

Mrs. Joy Shelton
PK4 Aide

Mrs. Tammy Brittell

Mrs. Katie Wilhelm
Grade 1

Mrs. Meghan Paterno
Grade 2

Mrs. Michelle Scott
Grade 3

Mrs. Abi Fried
Grade 4

Mrs. Jeanine Tschopp
Grade 5

Mrs. Kathy Dempsey
Elementary Aide

Mrs. Amy Clark
7th and 8th Math

Mr. Frank Kunkle
7th-8th Grade Bible and 7th-8th SS

Mrs. Beth Richardson
6th – 8th Grade Science, HS Forensics

Mrs. Danielle Shearer
6th Math Earth Science, SS, Alg I, Bible, on-line learning

Mr. David Bubb
6th – 8th Grade Art

Mr. Andrew Fried
7th Grade Health

Mr. Daniel Chronister
6th – 8th Grade Language Arts

Mrs. Jackie Wolfe
6th -7th - 8th Grade Spanish

Mrs. Kelly Boatwright
MS & HS / Home Skills

Mr. Derek Sandstrom
MS Chorus

Mrs. Alyssa Daugherty
MS Computer

Mr. Jonathan de Salis
MS Band

Mrs. Jackie Kemper
WW II, American Government
World History / Modern Era / College Modern Era / College Intro to Politics / College WW II

Mrs. Melissa Barr
Biology I, Physics

Mr. Kip Trout

Dr. Sheri Baker
Geometry, Alg 3/Trig, Honors Alg II, International Student Program Coordinator

Mrs. Alyssa Daugherty
Studio Art, Art 1

Mr. Shawn Bakis
Graphic Design, Computer App, Technology Coordinator

Mr. Andrew Fried
HS Health

Mrs. Dana Kile

Mr. Matt O’Brien
Bible, Bible 12, College Christian Apologetics, College Intro into Theology, Spiritual Life Coordinator

Mr. Derek Sandstrom
Honors Chorus

Mr. Jonathan DeSalis
HS Band, Instrumental Music

Mrs. Ellie Smith
Honors World Lit, Honors American Lit / Honors Brit Lit, College Am. Lit, College Brit Lit, College World Lit

Mr. Micheal Paterno
American Lit, British Lit, Intro to Lit, ESL Bible, ESL US History

Mr. Andy Yoder
Honors Geometry, Algebra 2, Chemistry, A & P

Mrs. Kara Lehman
Yearbook (long-term Spanish 1,2,3,4)

Miss Hannah Hardy

Miss Katie Wilhelm
UM® 1

Mrs. Kristen Coakley
UM® 2

Mrs. Lynnea Rhoten
UM® 3

Mrs. Stephanie Young
UM® 4 & UM® 5

Mr. Andrew Fried
ES, MS &HS Physical Education & MS Health

Mrs. Geri Scott

Mr. David Bubb
Elementary / MS Art

Mrs. Jayne Warner
Elementary Music and Drama

Mrs. Jackie Wolfe
Elementary Spanish

Mrs. Alyssa Daugherty
Elementary Computer

Mr. Jonathan de Salis
Elementary Band

Mrs. Jackie Kemper
Student Senate Advisor

Mr. Micheal Paterno
NSH Advisor

Mrs.Kara Lehman

Mr. Long Vo
Wilson, NILD Therapist, Resource, HS Learning Support

Mrs. Kristen Coakley

Miss Katie Durst
Special Education Teacher, Learning Support Math 6 & English 7

Mrs. Kathy Dorr
Literacy Coach, Curriculum Coord, Teacher Apprentice Coordinator

Mrs. Denise Griffith
Faculty Child Care

Mrs. Amber Cutting
Faculty Child Care

Mr. Jeffrey Bender
Accounts Payable Coordinator

Mrs. Alison Feder
Accounts Receivable Coordinator

Mrs. Melinda Barnes
Upper School Secretary

Mrs. Amy Hilton
EEC Secretary

Mrs. Lauren Ellicott
Elementary Secretary

Mr. Matt Fuhrman
Maintenance, Buildings and Grounds and Transportation Supervisor

Rev. Larry Carpenter
Transportation Director / Bus Driver

Mr. Neal Biting
Bus Driver

Mr. Gary Hoover
Bus Driver

Mr. Rob Costello
Van Driver

Mrs. Sherry Vance
Van Driver

Mrs. Kristyn Henry
Food Services Director

Mrs. Diane Kehr

Mrs. Jody Ritchey