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  • Our oldest daughter has attended CSY for three years now. She is excited every day to go to school and enjoys the environment. We feel the education she has received is top notch. This is reflected with her test scores demonstrating she is performing above grade level. The environment seems to be very close knit. The parents share a common goal of a total education experience that is Biblically based and the school does an excellent job of making this happen. The students establish strong relationships with teachers and peers and the parents do too. The faculty and staff are very kind and caring and always go above what is required. They genuinely care for our children and are always open for dialogue with parents. Our extended family has commented on how impressed they are with how fast our daughter has progressed in her education, specifically in comparison to her cousins who attend public school. While our daughter is in the elementary we have encountered several of the upper class students and are encouraged by their behavior and level of maturity. We feel this is a reflection of the school and the parents having committed to a shared goal of creating an appropriate and virtuous environment for their students at school that they practice in the same manner at home. We think this has led to the school striking a good balance of students that hold high standards both in school and at home due to the family’s shared vision for raising and educating children. The school does an excellent job of partnering with the parents to raise children and teenagers with quality character. Private school does require tuition and a financial commitment by the family. We feel that CSY has been worth every penny. CSY does require each family to complete 20 hours of volunteer time a year. We have found this to further strengthen the community of the school and commitment to service and not just being served. We see much strength in the learning environment and the quality of the education to continue to commit to sending our children to CSY.

  • Angie Buser

    “What joy and peace comes to a parent’s heart knowing that the love of God that they hear at home is also being shared with their children at school. Allowing our “young plants” to be continually nurtured and strengthened in the gospel of Jesus Christ so that in due time they will be well rooted, mature and ready to go out into the world and be able to stand against the storms of life that will come their way.”

    Angie Buser

  • MK

    “I really have enjoyed coming to CSY. I have been coming here since pre-school and I am currently in 6th grade. CSY has opportunities for everyone. If you like sports there are many different sports teams you could potentially be on. If you like music or play an instrument there are music lessons, band, marching band, and string ensemble. I love CSY!!!”


  • The Wells Family

    “I am so grateful that God would allow our family to be a part of CSY. I never thought we would be able to afford it. But God made a way through financial aid for our kids to have a Christian education. A school that believes that we are to have a higher standard in Christ Jesus and to never compromise our values and beliefs. I know my children are in good hands at CSY because the staff truly are men and women of God. I am glad to be a part of this family at CSY.”

    The Wells Family

  • Jamie Swope

    “We have found CSY to be a school of God loving teachers and faculty who care about the students and families. We would rather pay for an education that our students deserve rather than send them to a public school.”

    Jamie Swope

  • Doug Blair

    “I believe in CSY with all of my being. This school was an excellent resource for my two children’s education for seventeen years. It cost us a lot of money… but it was well worth everything we paid. The overall education and experience we received here was of high caliber in every aspect. I recommend Christian School of York to every Christian family in the York County area; don’t settle for less, you only have children in school for a limited time, and you must make the very best of these years. We did, and we’re forever thankful for the choice we made.”

    Doug Blair