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Board of Trustees

The workings of our York PA private school are overseen by the Board of Trustees. This group of men and women are members of our Association and elected by our Association at our annual association meeting. Policy Governance® is an integrated set of concepts and principles that describes the job of our governing board. It outlines the manner in which the board is successful in its servant-leadership role, as well as in its all-important relationship with administration. Unlike most solutions to the challenge of board leadership, its approach to the design of the governance role is comprehensively theory based. The model covers all legitimate intentions of corporate governance codes, but in a far more comprehensive manner. The CSY board believes that the Policy Governance® model will increase the likelihood of the right people, doing the right things, in the right way, at the right time, for the right reasons, so that the right results will be reached for the glory of God.  http://www.carvergovernance.com/

Board of Trustees

  • Loni Smith, ex oficio
  • Bob Brandt, ex oficio
  • Mr. Andrew Blackstone ~ Chairman
  • Mr. Josh Irwin ~ Vice-Chairman
  • Mr. Aaron Campbell ~ Secretary
  • Mr. David Bickford
  • Mr. Jeff Gay
  • Mrs. Barbara Kruth
  • Mr. Keith Miller
  • Mr. Jim Mummert
  • Mr. Mark Raschke
  • Mr. Paul Schwane
  • Mr. Eric Tyler

Holding God's School in Trust

Trustees, or board members, of Christian schools have a sacred trust: to guard the school's mission, guarantee its financial health, advise and provide a system offering a biblically-based education.

The first chapter of the book of James could be called "The Board Members' Chapter." Like many parents and other Christian individuals, the twelve members of the CSY Board are continually encouraged by the promise in verse 5, "But if any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all men generously and without reproach." Verse 19 becomes the board member's command: to "be quick to listen and slow to speak," and the challenge is described in verses 2-4, "Consider it all joy when you encounter various trials...."

Fulfilling Various Roles

Board members come to board meetings wearing their PARENT hats. At the meeting, this hat must be replaced with the BOARD MEMBER hat because the two cannot be worn simultaneously. Board members are required to make impartial decisions, representing the best interest of the school as a whole and not particular individuals or a segment of the constituency.

The IMPLEMENTER hat is worn when the board delegates authority to a particular board member to carry out a specific assignment on behalf of the board. The board member also wears a VOLUNTEER hat when he or she is serving as a volunteer helper alongside other parents, students or staff members. Technically, individual board members have no authority outside of the boardroom.

Goverance Style

CSY is moving to a governance by policy style of leadership as requested by the Association of Christian Schools International for our re-accreditation visit in October 2006.

Characteristics of the CSY Board

The twelve members of the CSY Board are parents of CSY students and are elected to serve a four year term, or are appointed to fill the terms of previous board members who have vacated their position.

The Board meets monthly (typically on the last Tuesday) with the meetings being closed to the public.

Board members are elected in the spring by members of the Christian School Association of York, Inc. The terms are staggered for continuity, with typically no more than three positions being filled at one time.

The Nominating Committee is a subcommittee of the Board. Each spring the committee announces that it is accepting nominations for candidates to identify potential board members for election held in April or May.