Elementary School – Grades K to 5

Elementary School Curriculum & Grading Scale

As one of the top private Christian elementary schools in the York, Lancaster and Central PA area, Christian School of York understands the importance of the elementary years and has designed a curriculum for a successful transition into middle school! Our elementary school provides a well-rounded and Christ-based education for kindergartners to fifth graders. Contact us today to learn about admission.

The core subjects of the CSY elementary curriculum include language arts (with a strong emphasis on phonics and comprehension), math, social studies, science and Bible.  Elementary school students receive instruction in Spanish, art, music (vocal and instrumental), computer, library skills and physical education.

Students can earn two types of letter grades in the elementary setting.  Traditional letter grades follow the below pattern:

A – 90-100B – 80-90C – 70-80D – 60-70F – 0-59

Students can also earn letter grades O, S, I and U, as described below:

O   Outstanding   S   Satisfactory   U   Unsatisfactory

Opportunity Period

Each day ends with an opportunity period that offers students a variety of options for enrichment and remediation activities, homeroom activities, and clubs.

Extra-Curricular Activities for Elementary Students

Our Central PA elementary school offers a wide array of programs to support and encourage student interests:

ASCI Spelling BeeField Day
Community ServiceSpeech Meet
Drama TeamEnd-of-Year Picnic


Our elementary students in York are offered a number of opportunities to participate in intramural sports beginning in third grade.  Seasonal offerings include soccer, basketball, track and field, and volleyball.