History of the Christian School of York

1955 ~ The Association adopted a constitution in July 1955, and classes began in September 1956. The school operated in rented facilities until the present 12.5-acre campus was purchased and seven classrooms were built in 1963.

1969 ~ Four middle school classrooms were added.

1977 ~ A high school addition consisting of an office complex, sportatorium, library, science lab, business education room, art room, homecrafts room, music room, and three general classrooms were added.

1980 ~ Four additional high school classrooms were constructed.

1990 ~ A fire destroyed the high school complex and sportatorium during the summer. Living Word Community Church volunteered their facilities for classrooms until our current facility was rebuilt. Classes resumed in our new facility five months later.

1996 ~ A 9,000 square foot middle school was constructed. The original classrooms were then renovated to house the Computer Center and Discovery Center.

2009 ~ The Early Education Center (EEC) was built. This 12,000 sq. ft. building was originally built to house our PK3, PK4, PK5 and kindergarten students.  In 2010 we expanded to include a PK2 class, and in 2011, our kindergarten classes moved into our elementary building, to make more room for our ever-expanding preschool classes!