CSY and Homeschool Partnership

CSY understands a family's desire to home-school their children. Individual attention and the safety of the home environment is of utmost importance. CSY's Homeschool Hybrid Program beautifully blends Biblically-based curriculum taught by state-certified teachers with parent-directed support learning in the home.  This program is available to children in grades Kindergarten to grade 5.  As children progress into more challenging curriculum such as high level maths and sciences, parents may feel ill-equipped to teach certain subjects. CSY has a program that can help.  From grade 6 to grade 12, homeschool students may join our traditional, five days per week classes, for our Homeschool Class Choice Program. Students may sign up for core subjects as well as our Music Program.  Please see the additional Homeschool Options pages for more information. You may also contact our Admissions Department at admissions@csyonline.com to hear about this exciting option for homeschooling families.