The Armed Forces


In today’s world, there are hundreds of occupations from which to choose, and it’s important that you spend some time exploring the options available to use.  The United States Armed Forces is one alternative you may want to consider.


            The United States military has changed dramatically over the past several decades.  Today’s military is more professional, more technologically advanced, and offers more benefits and rewards than ever.  Maintaining a strong national defense includes such diverse activities as commanding a tank, running a hospital, repairing a helicopter, and programming a computer.  The military provides full-time and part-time training and work experience for more than 4,100 different jobs, 88% of which have direct civilian counterparts.


            In the military, you can learn marketable job skills, make good friends, and develop a positive, winning attitude.  The pay scale is competitive with many starting salaries in the private sector, and many allowances paid out by the military are tax-exempt.  If a college education is one of your priorities, tuition support programs are one of the ways that the military can help you with the rising cost of postsecondary education.


            If you want to go to college before joining the military, consider a Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) program.  These college-based, officer-commissioning programs produce 60% of all officers serving in the United States Armed Forces.  Serving in the military is really what you choose to make of it.  It can simply be a means to an end – money for college or technical training and the development of life skills – or it can be alifelong career path, giving you a structured environment, a defined purpose, and many opportunities to advance and grow.


In order to join the service, you must:

●     Be 18 (or 17 with permission from your parent or guardian)

●     A United States citizen or legal immigrant holding permanent residence status

●     At least a high school diploma (for enlisted personnel)

●     A bachelor’s or an advanced degree (for officers)



Before you make a decision to join, gather as much information as possible about the branch of the service that interests you:  each one differs in specific programs, terms of duty, and enlistment options.  For more information visit: and to learn more about military life and careers.  Make certain that your military commitment is based on sound information and realistic expectations.


For more information, contact your nearest recruiter or call one of the following toll-free numbers:​

U.S. Army  1-800-USA-ARMY


U.S. Navy  1-800-USA-NAVY


U.S. Air Force  1-800-423-USAF


U.S. Marine Corps 1-800-MARINES


U.S. Coast Guard 1-877-NOW-USCG


Air National Guard 1-800-TO-GO-ANG


Army National Guard 1-800-GO-GUARD