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Special Programs

Student Services Center (Accredited through NILD)

“I have been going to CSY for two years now. The school is a fascinating place. It is not a perfect school, but it is an excellent Christian school with solid teachings that are good to have in today’s society. The Resource Room and Student Services Center help me get support with the subjects where I need it. Another positive is that this school has teachers who really care for their students. They aren’t here for a paycheck, they’re here for us.”  ~AS

In the Student Services Center, educational therapy is given to students grades K – 12 with a diagnosed learning disability. The program is designed for the student with average to above-average intelligence with challenges in certain areas of learning. Each student’s learning strengths and weaknesses are assessed. When the deficit areas are isolated, an individualized approach is designed to exercise and develop the deficit learning channel. An educational therapist works one-on-one with a student for 180 minutes a week. The length of involvement for an individual student depends on the commitment of the family and the initiative of the student.

Resource Room

The Resource Room provides remedial instruction in the areas of mathematics and language arts. Students who have learning challenges that will require specialized techniques to adequately learn grade level basics benefit from this program. The Resource Room is also designed to minister to students who have changed schools and experience difficulty with curriculum. Our instructors work with small groups for two forty-minute units of instruction per week, per subject. An individual Resource Room option is also available if warranted. Students who need additional instruction benefit from this personalized approach.

Gifted Program

“Since both girls are quite bright, we wanted to ensure that they are challenged academically.  At Christian School of York, they are both enrolled in a grade above their chronological age.  Most importantly, though, we wanted them in an environment that would assist them with developing to their utmost potential, both academically and spiritually.” ~CC

At Christian School of York we have daily programs to meet the needs of our gifted students. The Accelerated Reader Program challenges elementary students at all levels. Accelerated Math enhances the math curriculum for our second through fifth graders. These are two examples of how CSY meets the unique needs of all of our students. Gifted students soar at their own pace in these programs.

Small class sizes allow our teachers to get to know each student personally and meet their unique needs whether in the EEC, elementary, middle school or high school.

CSY has many gifted students enrolled who do feel challenged and make the most of the extraordinary abilities the Lord has given them. Our private high school students have opportunities for a Christian online learning for advanced courses. We have working arrangements with local colleges for our students to dual enroll and begin earning college credits. We have AP Courses and often student have done independent studies with our faculty.

A specialist from the intermediate unit comes to work one-on-one with students who are determined to be gifted and need an extra challenge.

Lincoln Intermediate Unit #12 Services

Services from LIU (at no charge to the parents) include psychological academic testing, speech therapy, gifted support and ESL.  Should a child have identified needs or a parent has concerns, our Discovery Center is top-notch in determining the child’s strengths and deficits. The Discovery Center Staff works with LIU to do a battery of academic and psychological academic testing.

Students who need (or are suspected to need) speech therapy will have testing and services provided to them free of charge at CSY by the Intermediate Unit clinician.

A specialist from the intermediate unit comes to work one-on-one with students who need extra help, an extra challenge, speech therapy or ESL (English as a Second Language).

Equitable Participation is another program the LIU offers through Federal funding.  This program provides a special education consultant and places special technologies in the teachers’ and students’ hands in order to better meet educational needs.