What our families are saying about CSY!

Parents were asked to nominate their favorite faculty and staff for our Employee of the Quarter.

Here are just a few quotes.

Miss Windle is an amazing teacher! She taught K last year and this year moved to 2nd grade and has made the transition seamlessly. I am absolutely THRILLED that my child is able to have her as a teacher. She is one of the best teachers my child has every had.

Mrs. Huffman is so busy and always on the go, but she always has time to stop and listen to staff and students. She juggles so many things with such grace and kindness.

Mr. Bell has been a breath of fresh air to CSY. He communicates. He listens. He has a huge responsibility but he still takes the time to walk the halls and talk to the students and staff. When the students posted their theses on his door, not only did he acknowledge the lists, he thoughtfully answered and discussed them with the students - with a Godly perspective.

I nominate Mrs. Vo for her spirit of God as she greets every little new learner that enters our preschool. She has a love that spreads to our kids and a dedication that always shines.

I nominate Mr. Vo for his hard work and dedication in keeping our school at its best. His love for our kids and our school is amazing. He always brings a smile to whomever he encounters.

The summer months were so busy with new student enrollment and Dee (D'Agostino) treated each and everyone of the prospective families with the upmost respect. She provided each with individual attention and ensured that they saw just how wonderful CSY is.

No matter how busy Dee is, each new family is made to feel important and valued.

Two words that best describe Miss Fuhrman and her teaching style are "loving and patient". She shows love and patience to each and every child who enters her classroom and does everything possible to connect with her students on a level and manner that resonates with each INDIVIDUAL child. Please accept this nomination for Sarah Fuhrman as employee of the quarter--it is well deserved.

She (Ms. Holman) is very nice to us in class and helps us get our work done and is patient when we don’t understand material. 

Miss Tschopp is caring and kind to both her students and their families. Every time I see her she always has pleasant and observant things to say about my son and his day. She always remembers to ask about my older son and other family members. Miss Tschopp has a calming and nurturing way with children that can put the most nervous student at ease. My son is very shy but quickly warmed up to Miss Tschopp. She made his transition to CSY Preschool a very easy one. It is very clear that Miss Tschopp loves working with preschool age children. Her passion for her position is evident by the way 'she' leads her students to live a Christ like life and through her dedication to completing her education and growing her skills as a teacher and mentor.

She (Mrs. Christman) is loving and kind. She really pours her heart into her students and it shows.

I nominate Mrs. Young for showing our kids how much she cares about them and for the love that (she) gives to them each day. I also want to acknowledge her dedication to excellence and her spirit of God.

(Mrs. Kile) Has developed a loving relationship with the students, that cause them to be excited about learning a different language. We see them go on to college choosing to continue in spanish because of her influence.

Mrs. Jans always goes above and beyond for her classes every year. She is extremely loving and patient.

Mrs. Richardson always works her best to make sure everyone understands each lesson and is really just overall an outstanding teacher and person. She loves all of her students and she’s personally helped me with so much! Mrs. Richardson deserves this because she shows her love for God and her students every day.