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Tuition & Fees

CSY Tuition & Fees

“The question isn’t ‘Can we afford it?’ The question is ‘Can we afford not to?’ Christian education is not an expense; it’s an investment!”  ~ KM

Please contact the CSY admissions office for information on tuition rates and/or to schedule a tour of Christian School of York.

2018-2019 Tuition Rates

2018-2019 UM® Tuition Rates

Application Fee

The application fee is $40 and is due at the time of submission. This fee is non-refundable.

Entrance Testing

The entrance testing fee is $35 per student and is due the date of the testing. Entrance testing is required for students entering Kindergarten – 12th grade

Registration Fees

After a student has been accepted, registration fees are required.

  • Enrollment fee of $125 per student, max of $375 per family

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Christian School of York, a Central PA day school, successfully strives to provide an outstanding academic education while maintaining affordable tuition. In comparison to other private schools in the region with similar programs and high academic standards, our tuition is extremely reasonable. Because our families understand the importance of investing in their children and their need for a Christian education, they are willing to do what is necessary financially.

Tuition Assistance

Need-based financial aid assistance is available for qualified applicants. Upon application to Christian School of York, an assessment of need may be made through Smart Tuition Aid, an independent financial assessment agency. This will determine those who qualify and the amount of assistance that CSY should provide to families, which comes through CSY’s scholarship fund. CSY does not recommend assistance that exceeds 50% of tuition cost. Many school families find this program beneficial in making Christian School of York affordable.

For more information about the qualification process, please visit smartaidforparents.com. Christian School of York will not determine tuition assistance before we have received the student application and application fee.

Gifts & Tithes

Tuition itself covers only a portion of the cost of educating each child. We are often blessed with additional gifts to cover the balance of expenses. These expenses are covered in part by generous families who give above and beyond tuition as they feel the Lord’s leading.

The tuition at our York private school is actually a reduced amount significantly below the cost of education. In order to meet our budget, we rely heavily upon gifts. A great effort is made to keep our spending as low as possible, yet provide an outstanding education for all of our students. We ask families to pray for the school and its financial needs. There are many ways parents can help:

1. Giving gifts above tuition

2. Encouraging others to give

3. Participating in business education tax credits (EITC program)

4. Encouraging other families to enroll their students

Transportation Fee

Many of our students are transported by local public school districts. Central, Dallastown, Dover, Eastern, Northeastern, Northern, Red Lion, Spring Grove, Suburban, West Shore, and West York provide free busing for our students. Typically, no busing is provided for PreK students. You may want to check with your school district for age requirements. Christian School of York provides transportation to serve the Hanover area, southern York County and York city. Parents whose children benefit from this service pay a monthly fee to defer the cost of this transportation.

Delinquent Accounts at CSY

Parents must pay all fees owed to other private schools before being enrolled at Christian School of York. All CSY fees and tuition must be current for re-enrollment to Christian School of York.  Additionally, all fees and tuition must be paid in full before a student may graduate from CSY.

If a family falls two months behind in tuition payments, the children from the family may be denied admission. The headmaster may decide to allow children to continue to attend school if the family keeps in contact with the school, makes regular good faith payments, and demonstrates in the near future potential to become current with their tuition account. There is a charge for late payments and a collection agency may be used for delinquent accounts.

In the event a family withdraws with an unpaid balance and no payment plan is in place, at 90 days the account will be submitted to a collection agency whose fee will be added to the outstanding tuition balance.

Mid-Year Withdrawals

When a student withdraws during a fiscal school year (July 1 – June 30), a 30-day written notice must be given to the Admissions Office. Days previously enrolled plus all school days in the 30-day notice will be assessed (whether attended or not). Records will not be released until all financial obligations to the school are met.