Upper School

Grades 9 - 12

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As our students reach the upper levels of schooling, CSY continues to equip these young adults with both the academic and spiritual skills needed for thriving in today’s world.  In addition to rigorous academic classes in humanities and sciences, CSY trains students through Biblical studies, extracurricular activities, leadership, community service opportunities, and community events to mold their minds, hearts, and character.  No matter the students’ goals for after graduation, CSY promotes graduates who are prepared to impact the world positively for God’s Kingdom. 

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"Mr. Greg Hortman recently joined Christian School of York in July, 2022 and currently serves as the Upper School Principal of CSY. Mr. Hortman graduated from Red Lion Area High School in 1998, and graduated from Columbia Bible College in 2002. Then Mr. Hortman along with his wife left the United States and served as missionaries in Thailand for 16 years. During part of that time, Mr. Hortman served as the High School Principal at Chiang Rai International Christian School. After deciding to return permanently to the United States, Mr. Hortman taught at Logos Academy for two years before accepting his new role at CSY. Mr. Hortman is very passionate about fostering the formation of Christ in the young lives under his care.

Mr. Hortman and his wife, Corinne, have 2 sons and one daughter, all of whom were raised on the mission field. They all enjoy traveling, watching movies, camping, and playing volleyball. They all attend and serve at Living Word Community Church in Red Lion, PA. "

Upper School Principal (9-12) / Curriculum Coordinator

Mr. Greg Hortman

Mr. Greg Hortman

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Course Descriptions for Upper School


Students need a minimum of 2 credits.


Art 1

Students will concentrate on drawing, painting, clay, three dimensional sculpture, printmaking, and crafts.  Students must take Art 1 before taking Studio Art.  This is a 1 credit course.


Studio Art

This is a more advanced elective course for a highly motivated artistic student.  Areas of concentration are drawing, painting, sculpture, and crafts.  Transfer students can take the course without having taken Art 1; pending submission of an art portfolio and administrator approval.  This is a 1 credit course.


Ceramics and Sculpture

Students will learn how to design and develop ceramic art and study examples of sculpture.  The class is open to any students in grades 9-12 and is a 1 credit Art elective. 



The high school band will perform hymns, traditional band repertoire, popular tunes, and marches.  Band consists of lessons and large group rehearsals.  This is a 0.5 credit course.


Chorus and Honors Choir

In chorus students learn about music theory and how to sing harmonies in four or more parts.  Honors choir is the school’s top choral group and limited to a maximum of 16 students.  This is a 0.5 credit course.


Apprenticeship Program

Students will be assigned to a teacher or local business.  Students will develop interpersonal skills and become familiar with the tasks and roles of a specific craft. Students must be juniors or seniors to be in the Apprenticeship program. Parent consent is also required.  This can be a 1 or 2 credit course.


Cooperative Program

This is for second semester seniors, in good academic standing and all credit requirements must have been achieved.  Students will schedule a study hall during block 2 or 3.  Using that time along with flex and lunch, students will report to a local business for internships or paid co-op work.  Weekly reports must be submitted and students must have their own transportation and parent permission to participate in the program.

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